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Louisville, KENTUCKY

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Charles Watson opened Advanced Massage Therapeutics in November, 1998 to meet the increasing demand for a higher quality of massage education.

Massage therapy is a rapidly growing profession in mainstream America, with a wide variety of massage opportunities. To meet the demands of the job market, we teach a variety of modalities and techniques that are most popular in the massage field.

Advanced Massage Therapeutics is licensed by the Kentucky Board of Licensure for Massage Therapy and by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as an approved educator. All our instructors have gone through the Advanced Massage Therapeutics program and were chosen by Charles from our finest students.

Since 1998, over 200 students have transferred from other schools to finish their educations at Advanced Massage Therapeutics. With the flexibility of our classes, quality education, and excellent instruction, we are confident that we are among the best in massage therapy education—period.

All quizzes and tests follow the format of the National Certification Exam as well as the MBLex exam, thoroughly preparing each student to take the exam. Since July, 2008, Advanced Massage Therapeutics has a 90% pass rate for the NCTMB exam, and as of August 2011, AMT has a 100% pass rate for the MBLex exam, compared to 65% nationally and 75% statewide.

Advanced Massage Therapeutics

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