Forecastle Fest     

Louisville, KY

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Founded in 2002 by JK McKnight and a small group of ambitious volunteers, The Forecastle Festival has grown from a small community gathering into a major national festival, attracting 30,000 travelers annually. The event has received numerous accolades, like being named one of the “Top 101 Things to do in America” by SPIN Magazine and “Top 15 Outdoor Festivals in the Country” by Outside Magazine, but its so much more than that.

Forecastle is where the Midwest connects®. It’s goal is to become a celebration and symposium of sights, sounds, and environmental cognizance, a place that connects the progressive Midwest. Merging entertainment with education, Forecastle unites the creative and activism communities of the Midwest, while building a new festival model in the United States.

As Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips said after his 2010 performance, “I hope Forecastle lasts 100 years. We’ll play as many as we can.”

We hope so too, Wayne. We hope so too.

Forecastle Fest

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